A Few Facts of Ceiling Fans

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A Few Facts of Ceiling Fans

A Few Facts of Ceiling Fans


A Few Facts of Ceiling Fans

Feb 09, 2022

Ceiling is a fan… simple right? Other than speeding up and creating airflow and making you comfortable. What is actually a ceiling fan, how does it actually work? What you believe before may not all be correct.

1. Ceiling fan history is more than 100 years ago

Philip Diehl, a contemporary of Thomas Edison, is credited with being the inventor of the electrically powered ceiling fan in 1882. Diehl used the electric motor he engineered for the Singer sewing machine, added two paddle-blades and the rest is history. The fans caught on fast, and Diehl didn’t stop there. He improved his design by adding a light kit.

2. The real purpose of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans do not provide refrigerated cooling like an air conditioner. Instead, they simply move air in proximity to the fan. This movement of air from the electromechanical device is called convective cooling. It makes you feel comfortable rather than making you feel cold.

3. Not just a tool but lifestyle combination

Research shows that more than 75 percent of all homes in the U.S. have ceiling fans. When used correctly, they can help lower summer cooling costs and make the air near the fan feel cooler than it actually is. Using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner creates a wind-chill effect inside your home.

4. Ceiling fan can also product heat

It mainly happens because the electric motors turn the electrical energy into its mechanical state and that produces a generous amount of heat. However, using decorative ceiling fans will only heat the room, not cool it.

5. Lower speed ceiling fan is more preferable

When you look at those fan labels, you will very often notice that you achieve more cfm/watt when the fan is on low speed. The only conclusion is that you must opt to buy the biggest fan that provides better clearances and run it at the lowest possible speed. 

6. Ceiling will never chop your head

It is a very common myth that a ceiling fan can chop your head. However, the blades of the fans are not sharp enough to behead you. So, you can be sure of saving your head. (lols)


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