• <Ecoparadise> Pirikare (1kg)
  • <Ecoparadise> Pirikare (1kg)
  • <Ecoparadise> Pirikare (1kg)

<Ecoparadise> Pirikare (1kg)


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Pirikare (Best Selling) 

(Save Water, Save Cost, Save Time ,Save Energy)


Ingredients: Recycled soya bean oil, purified water & Eco paradise solution.

Usage:                                                Benefits: 

-Washing Clothes                                         -Effectively breaks down bond that holds dirt & oil particles together.

-Cleaning Utensils                                        -Extending life spans of machine 

-Kitchen Cleanser                                         -Slow down process of oxidation.

-Mopping floor                                               -Revitalize the skin 

-Cleaning toilet & shower areas                    -Aids on skin problems

-Cleaning Electrical appliances                     -Coagulate fish tank water

-Washing Car                                                -Removes pesticide & bacteria

-Marker & ink remover                                  -Keeping the environment clean and safe

-Bath lotion 

-Hair Shampoo


-Fish tank 

-Fish pond

-Pet shampoo

-Insect repellent

-Soak fruits


-Meat & Seafood 

-Air freshness 



Keep in a dry place 

 * Product Disclaimer: All Ecoparadise products as listed, belongs to their respective owners, Sglightstore will not be liable for any individual reactions to any particular ingredients in the product. 

Ecoparadise products should not be substituted for any medical care. 

Please seek professional medical advice if you have any medical concerns/conditions in regards to suitability of product usage.


1)Do I need to add softener for laundry?

Ans: Not necessary, it repels chemical products. 

2)Do I need to use it in large quantity?

Ans: No. A little bit will do.

3)Will my hands be feeling dry after used?

Ans: No, it’s Eco- friendly. It will not be harmful to the skin.


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