• <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise White Socks
  • <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise White Socks
  • <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise White Socks

<Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise White Socks


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Ecoparadise White Socks
Sizes 22cm - 24cm
Sizes 25cm - 27cm

Every strand of the fibre is treated with Ecoparadise solution.

Usage:                                                       Benefits: 

- Wear anytime & anywhere                                 - Promotes Blood Circulation     

- Standing & walking long hours                           - Absorbs moisture

- Wet & cold feet                                                   - Reduces fatigue

                                                                              - Eliminates feet odour
                                                                              - Reduces Ache & Pain

                                                                              - Feel relaxed & comfortable

 * Product Disclaimer: All Eco Paradise products as listed, belongs to their respective owners, Sglightstore will not be liable for any individual reactions to any particular ingredients in the product. 

Eco Paradise products should not be substituted for any medical care. 

Please seek professional medical advice if you have any medical concerns/conditions in regards to suitability of product usage.

1) Is it very hot to wear such thick socks?

Ans: All Ecoparadise products react in a opposite way from temperature.

2) How long will it lasts?
Ans: Wear & tear the effect will not degenerate.

*Recommended to wash with Pirkare powder.

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