• <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise Pail (10 Litres)
  • <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise Pail (10 Litres)
  • <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise Pail (10 Litres)

<Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise Pail (10 Litres)


  • - Product Code: <Ecoparadise> Ecoparadise Pail (10 Litres)
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Ecoparadise Pail (Best Selling)

Capacity: 10 Litres 

"Magic Pail" improves the quality of your drinking, speeds up fermentation to produce "fruit enzymes" in days, and multiplies the supply of your choice yogurt, in just hours! Use it as storage bins to eliminate or reduce odour of organic waste or dirty laundry.


Usage:                                                      Benefits:

-Fruits Fermentation                                            -Helps in digestion 

-Yogurt                                                                 -Speeds up fermentation 

-Kimchi                                                                 -Anti-ageing 

-Miso                                                                    -Better quality water

-Chinese Rice Wine                                             -Maintain freshness 

-Sprouted Brown Rice                                         -Eliminate or reduce odor of organic compost.

-Japanese Sake 

-Eco Antioxidant Water

-Organic Compost

-Store Rice Grains & etc

  * Product Disclaimer: All Ecoparadise products as listed, belongs to their respective owners, Sglightstore will not be liable for any individual reactions to any particular ingredients in the product. 

Eco Paradise products should not be substituted for any medical care. 

Please seek professional medical advice if you have any medical concerns/conditions in regards to suitability of product usage.


1) How long can it last?

Ans: No expiry date. However, after using for period of time, it will not be as brand new as before, but it’s benefit will not degenerate.        


Care: Rinse with tap water after use. 

You may also wash with Eco Pirkare powder. Leave it to air dry or dry with clean cloth. 


Note: Each pail comes with a Free Recipe Book .

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