• <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (90g)
  • <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (90g)
  • <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (90g)
  • <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (90g)

<Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (90g)


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Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap (Best Selling)

All purpose body soap, shampoo, and facial cleanser that removes excessive sebum deposits on the skin, while retaining its natural moisture. As shampoo, it keeps the scalp healthy, aids in hair growth, and minimizes hair loss. It is baby-safe.

*Recommended to use with Kojo Tamanoura Cream facial cream.


Olive oil & Eco solution   

Usage:                                               Benefits:

-Hair wash                                                   -Promotes blood circulations

-Facial cleanser                                           -Keeps the scalp healthy, reduce hair loss

-Make-up remover                                       -help in hair growth 

-Body soap                                                  -removes excessive sebum deposits on the skin

-Stains remover                                           -retain its natural moisture

-Hair dye remover                                       -Resulting skin to be soft & supple

                                                                    -Whitening & firming effects

                                                                    -Relieves & stop itch

                                                                    -Aids healing on skin problems 

                                                                    -Remove hair dye on skin 

 * Product Disclaimer: All Ecoparadise products as listed, belongs to their respective owners, Sglightstore will not be liable for any individual reactions to any particular ingredients in the product. 

Ecoparadise products should not be substituted for any medical care. 

Please seek professional medical advice if you have any medical concerns/conditions in regards to suitability of product usage.


1)Can it be used on babies?

 Ans: Yes, it is safe.

2)Can it replace the usual make-up cleanser?

Ans: Yes, wash off the first application & followed  by the second soap application then rinse.

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