• <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Cream (80g)
  • <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Cream (80g)
  • <Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Cream (80g)

<Ecoparadise> Kojo Densetsu Cream (80g)


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Kojo Densetsu Cream (Best Selling)

Unique "wonder cream" made mainly of olive oil and ecoparadise solution that protects, helps healing, and enhances skin conditions. Relieves pain, numbness, muscle aches; is good for acne, scarring, cuts, and skin problems. Its antibacterial property keeps scalp healthy, encourages hair growth, and is also ideal as toothpaste.

*Recommended to use with Kojo Densetsu Bar soap.

Ingredients:                                               USAGE:

-Myristic acid                                                          -Rub on scalp 

-Olive oil                                                                 -Hair, hand and body cream

-Glycerine                                                              -Dry skin, cracked heels

-Stearic acid                                                           -Cuts and bruises

-Hydroxide k squalene                                           -Headache, toothache, aches & pain, muscle tension

-Oimethicone                                                         -Swelling, itchiness



-Xanthan gum

-Lavender oil 

-Eco paradise solution 


-Improve blood circulations

-Keep scalp healthy and promotes hair growth

-Enhance skin conditions, skin moisturizer

-Reduce swelling 

-Allow wound to dry & heal faster

-Lighten scar

-Relieve aches, pain, toothaches, muscles tense & numbness

-Repel insects 

-consist antibacterial & anti-inflammation properties 

  * Product Disclaimer: All Ecoparadise products as listed, belongs to their respective owners, Sglightstore will not be liable for any individual reactions to any particular ingredients in the product. 

Ecoparadise products should not be substituted for any medical care. 

Please seek professional medical advice if you have any medical concerns/conditions in regards to suitability of product usage.


1)How many times can i apply?

Ans: No restrictions, anytime & anywhere as you like it.

2)Will my skin feel oily & sticky?

Ans: No, as it’s quickly absorb into the skin to promote blood circulation. 

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